Terrasses Riopel & Campbell Inc.

Rent a townhouse for the price of an apartment

Current Tenants


email: maintenance@terrassesriopel.com

Phone: 450-671-5984

Pager (maintenance emergency): 514-859-7149

eTransfer Rent Payment

It is possible to pay using eTransfer! It is cheaper than a bank order, and is an easy, fast, and secure way to make your payments. Refer to your financial institution for technical issues.

Important Information

Police / Fire / Ambulance: 911

Garbage Pickup (Grey bin): Every Wednesday

Recycling (Blue bin): Every second Tuesday

Hydro-Quebec: 1-888-385-7252

Gaz Métropolitain: 514-598-3222

Work Authorizations

Tenants should not perform any work inside or outside of their dwelling without prior written authorization by the landlord.

Parking Rules

  • All parking spaces are reserved and for tenants’ use only.
  • No parking is allowed in the project’s streets; fines may be charged by the City and Police.
  • All vehicles should be in proper working condition and be moved during the snow removal process.
  • All vehicles should bear a TRC sticker.
  • Advise the landlord when you change vehicles or plate.
  • Towing at your own cost.